Turning 30s

People are aging, and aging is not a pleasant thing. Go watch television with so many anti aging cream ads. But i am not gonna discuss about the cream, but what people suppose to do when they are aging (turning 30s). I am 27 yo this year, but i like to say i am 26 because my birthday still months from now. Anyway, what people supposed to do when they turning 30s is getting MARRIED. Marriage for some people maybe some sort of destination. Many people have targets they will get married in certain age. But unfortunately, not all people like that, at least i am not one of them. As much as i want to be one of those people, i am not. Guess what, some people are too damn selfish to bond themselves to someone else. My friends said “maybe you just haven’t found the right person”, (i have found a nicest person on earth dudes, what more do i want?). My self telling me “it’s because im not mature enough, but i will be in a few years” (man, i am old, like maturity is gonna happen for me).

Anyway, my family is the one who is veeeerry concern about me aging, and the marriage thing. Well i dont blame them, as the parents of an aging daughter who doesn’t? and below are the awkward moments that i’ve experienced as a 27 no 26 yo female who hasn’t got the intention to tie the knot anytime soon:

Out of the blue, me mom said : i have a friend who was really smart, she was a phd graduate, but she never married and she ended up died in her house without anyone knowing for two days. (this statement made me imagine myself living alone with lots of cats, i ended up dead and the cats would eat my remains. scary thoughts huh? sorry can’t help it =p)

Out of the blue, me mom said : your dad is concern with you. He asked me whether your face already look old because you suffered living alone in Oslo. He is scared if you look old, then no one is going to marry you. (harsh!)

Out of the blue, me mom said : just pick him which we clearly know that he is a nice person. A lot of people asking for you, i dont know what to say to them. My friend said to me, that this guy is a good kid, if Mira doesn’t like him then i will take him as a son in law. (persistent!)

I am sure more to come, i’ll add up when it happens ok!


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