New comer in Europe

rumor has it, every 1st time is always hard. 1st love, 1st time to school, 1st time to drive, maybe also 1st to have sex. although its a very interesting topic, i wont emphasis on the sex thing. i am in oslo norway right now. finally i could live on my own, do whatever i want, responsible for my own well being. is it fun? nah.

maybe its just because im not used to it. back home, i most likely dont have to do anything. i dont have to cook, i dont have to use do laundry, i dont have to pay the bills, i could go anywhere with my own car (from dad). it has been my dream to be free literally. but there is no such thing as freedom, what exist is free but pay it fun?nah.

anyway maybe it feels hard bcoz i am still in my first month as a new comer here in europe. its tough to be an asian in europe kekekekek. i’ll live.


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