Only if

Being female or male is something given by God. But if human can choose what gender it wants, so convenient isn’t it? because human can’t choose either it wants to be female or male, then God must have His own reasons why each one of us is what we are.What about the transgender then? sorry but the last time i checked, my IQ is only 99, who am i to answer that complicated question. Tonight, i want to ask myself, what would i do if i am a guy?

I would :

  1. I would jog starting 9 at night, because i know i would be safe as long i don’t carry valuable stuff with me. Can’t do this in Jakarta as a girl, check out the kidnapping case of Vierra band’s female vocalist.
  2. I would drink L-men, and work out a lot to have a hunky body
  3. I would learn Karate and be really good at it to kick some butts.
  4. I would smoke Marlboro red, simply because its cool
  5. I would cut my hair half bald like Ronaldo the soccer player did
  6. I would let my beard grow a bit to make me look masculine
  7. I would master music instruments like guitar, classic bass, and drums, and make myself look cool by playing it
  8. I would get a big tattoo of a dragon on my back
  9. I would join a fighting club like the movie fight club, so i could think that i am cool like Brad Pitt
  10. Marriage would not be in my vocabulary
  11. If i do get married, i would have four wives because i am allowed to
  12. I would travel alone to where ever for a year, with only one pair of clothes i am wearing
  13. I wouldn’t shave my underarm
  14. I would eat a lot of pineapple which is good for my sperm
  15. I wouldn’t hesitate if i want to do something crazy
  16. I would be porn movie star, just to make extra money
  17. I would date ‘easy’ girls
  18. I would screw every attractive girl i met, and never get stuck with any of them
  19. I would put at least five condoms in my wallet, in case i need it
  20. I would be so ambitious in work, i would even screw my boss’ wife.
  21. I would collect all types of ties; condoms from all brands, types, and tastes; porn movies from all over the world; and underwear of every girl i screwed.

So i think i know why God made me a female. Because He loves me.


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